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IDC Intiatives

IDC Communiqué

The IDC Communiqué had been IDC’s quarterly eNewsletter, but it is now part of the International Section newsletter. The IDC Communiqué will continue to support committee goals by enhancing communication among IDC members and facilitating the exchange of information and ideas about conflict resolution in an international development context. If you would like to contribute to the IDC Communiqué, please contact Rochelle Arms

Networking Directory

IDC has prepared a second edition of the IDC Networking Directory. IDC members who have joined ACR’s International Section will automatically receive a link to the completed directory. The IDC Networking Directory is also available to other ACR International Section members via the ACR website. For more information, please contact Luis Ore,

Email Alerts

Periodically IDC receives requests from its members to distribute time sensitive announcements about jobs or consulting assignments that may be of interest to conflict resolution practitioners in the international development field. IDC distributes these announcements via email alerts. If you would like submit an announcement for distribution to IDC members, please contact Kathleen Coogan, and Luis Ore,

Outstanding Leadership Award

IDC has created an annual award to honor exceptional work promoting conflict resolution in development projects around the world. The award aims to celebrate leadership in the field and to draw attention to the importance of conflict resolution skills in creating stronger democracies and economies. Award recipients include Judge Gladys Alvarez of Argentina, Partners for Democratic Change, and Shamil Fattakhov. Please contact Teri Sklar,, and Rochelle Arms for further details or to nominate a potential recipient.

International Day Session:  Lending Support to Grassroots Mediation Projects Around the World

Leaders of IDC and ACR’s Networks Initiative have organized sessions for the annual ACR conferences since 2007. The panels are designed to involve session participants in a discussion regarding what conflict resolution practitioners could do to help with specific grassroots mediation projects. Please contact Lynn Cole, if you would like to learn more about having one of your own grassroots mediation initiatives highlighted during a future panel.

Mentoring Initiative

IDC has established a mentoring subcommittee to develop the IDC Mentoring Initiative, which will provide conflict resolution practitioners interested in international development the opportunity to network, build relationships, and share information with one another. The project will offer guidance to practitioners interested in the international development field. The IDC Mentoring Subcommittee is currently developing a pilot program for this initiative. Practitioner leaders in the international development field have volunteered and will be working one-on-one as mentors with selected mentees. This is an extraordinary opportunity that will enrich the international conflict resolution field as well as those participating in the project. Anyone interested in learning more about this new initiative may contact any of the members of the IDC Mentoring Subcommittee, Teri H. Sklar,, Bryan Hanson, and Luis E. Ore,

IDC Chairs

IDC’s chair is a member of the International Section’s Advisory Council and IDC works in close collaboration with other section leaders. In addition to the initiatives mentioned above, IDC has been called upon to advise the international section chair on issues such as expanding ACR membership internationally and participating in international development projects.

Chair:  Rochelle Arms,
Outgoing Chair:  Brad Heckman -
Leadership Co-chairs:  Teri Sklar - and Mary Damianakis,