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Member Publications

“Peacebuilding and Anti-Corruption: Room for Collaboration?”

By Amy Margolies
New Routes 14 (2009): 34-37
This article examines theoretical convergences between anti-corruption and peacebuilding efforts, utilizing practitioner perspectives to analyze the feasibility of such approaches.

“From Gladiator to Mediator–The Challenges for Lawyers Who Become Mediators”

By Gregg F. Relyea
Hong Kong Lawyer, March, 2010

“Making the Most of Pre-Mediation Communications”

By Gregg F. Relyea and Leo S. Papas
Association of Business Trial Lawyers Report, Spring, 2010.

“Women, Peace and Security: An Analysis of the National Action Plans Developed in Response to UN Security Council Resolution 1325”

By F. Belgin Gumru and Jan Marie Fritz
Societies Without Borders, 4/2 (July 2009)

“Special Education Mediation in the United States”

By Jan Marie Fritz
In Social Technologies of Work with People with Functional Limitations of Health edited by Olena Dikova-Favorkskaya (in Ukranian), 2010.

“Women, Peace and Security: National Plans, International Interests, Sociological Possibilities”

By Jan Marie Fritz
Kharkiv University Herald (special issue) (Ukraine), 2009

“Practical Responses to the Challenges for Sociology in the Face of Global Inequality: Remarks”

By Jan Marie Fritz
In Facing an Unequal World: Challenges for Sociology. Taipei: Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica (Taiwan) and the Council of National Associations of the International Sociological Association. 2009.

“Women, UN Security Council 1325 and the Need for National Plans”

By Jan Marie Fritz
Sociologias (Brazil). February 2010

“El derecho colaborativo: una nueva alternativa para la resolución de conflictos”

Por Walter Wright
La Ley Paraguaya, Suplemento de Medios Alternativos de Resolución de Conflictos en 1, Asunción, Paraguay (Diciembre 2009).
Este artículo describe el proceso del derecho colaborativo y su desarrollo en los Estados Unidos y otras partes del mundo.
This article describes the Collaborative Law process and its development in the United States and other parts of the world.
This article is not available online but you can contact the author for a copy at:

“Konflikt um Grenzen - Grenzen der Konfliktlösung/Mediation”

By Esther Fischer Homberger and Noa Zanolli
Perspektive Mediation, Nr. 1, 2010, pages 25-29
We propose that non-resolvable conflicts, where mediation encounters resistance, could be based on early, unresolved psychosocial conflicts and unrespected personal and political boundaries.
This article is not yet available online. However, it should be available soon at:

“El arte de escuchar al paciente baja costos” (1)
“Acciones concretas para bajar el riesgo médico y prevenir situaciones de posible mala praxis” (2)
“¿Se pueden bajar los costos del riesgo médico con la comunicación?” (3)

Por Norah Josefina Mendías Abella
Temas Hospitalarios, Argentina
Estos artículos se refieren a la mediación y la negociación en el campo de la salud.
These articles focus on mediation and negotiation in the health field.

“Situación de la mediación en reclamos por mala praxis médica en la Republica Argentina”

Por Norah Josefina Mendías Abella

Handbook on Global and Multicultural Negotiation

By Chris Moore and Peter Woodrow
Jossey-Bass, 2010
This book is based on extensive research and the direct experiences of the authors working in over 60 countries and in multiple local cultures around the world. The authors focus on cross-cultural communication, problem solving, and negotiations.